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Turkey/Syria Earthquake updates – Day 2

6:49 PM – Day 2

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

2,921 killed

15,824 injured

About 20 prisoners escaped after the earthquake in Syria from a prison controlled by Turkish-backed factions

The death toll from earthquakes in all ⁧‫Syria earthquakes increased to 1,504, and the injured to 3,548.


Greek search and rescue team arrived in Turkey for earthquake efforts.


Mexico dispatched 145-person search and rescue team to Turkey.


The Lebanese Army will send 15 members of the Engineering Regiment to the Syrian Arab Republic to participate in search and rescue operations.


Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management: 5,775 buildings collapsed as a result of the earthquake, and 11,302 buildings collapsed, not confirmed

10:30 AM

Earthquake death toll in Turkey reaches 3,381 with a further 20,426 injured

Port of Iskenderun continues to burn with massive flames Turkey


150-person Israeli search & rescue team headed to Turkey last night.


10:53: New 5.7 magnitude earthquake in eastern Turkey

The first Indian C-17 aircraft carrying the Indian National Disaster Response Force search and rescue team arrived in Turkey Adana.

Includes over 50 personnel, specially trained dogs, machines, relief supplies and medicine.

Second plane is preparing to take off from India.




11:00 AM

Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll passes 5,000

Kyrgyzstan sends 63-person search and rescue team to Turkey


6:49 PM – Day 2

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

4,544 killed

26,725 injured

The death toll from the Pan ⁧Syria⁩ earthquake rose to 1782

Qatar to send 10,000 container houses for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Egypt sends 5 military aircraft loaded with urgent medical aid to Turkey and Syria.


90-men Ukrainian search & rescue team heading to Turkey


The Interior Minister and the director of the rescue service escorted rescue team members to Turkey and Syria.


11:00 PM – Day 2

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

5,434 killed

31,777 injured

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