Arrow 3: Military Analysis and Full Specifications

Arrow 3 is Israel’s upper-tier component in its multi-layered defense system, capable of intercepting long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) at exoatmospheric altitudes. Jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing and operational since 2017, Arrow 3 features cutting-edge technologies that enable it to neutralize potentially nuclear-armed missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Arrow 3 Defense System

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: Long-range, designed to intercept ICBMs; exact range is classified
  • Interceptor: Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) that detaches to strike the incoming warhead directly
  • Radar System: Utilizes the “Super Green Pine” radar, an upgrade from Arrow 2’s radar, capable of detecting and tracking more sophisticated and faster threats
  • Operational Altitude: Exoatmospheric capabilities for intercepting threats in space
  • Response Time: Engineered for quick engagement to address high-speed ballistic missile threats
  • Launch Units: Configuration and number of interceptors per battery are classified but designed for multiple engagements
  • Deployment: Ground-based with potential mobile configurations in future models

Military Analysis: Arrow 3’s ability to intercept threats in space significantly mitigates the risk of nuclear or conventional warheads ever reaching Israeli territory. This capability provides a strategic shield not just against regional threats but also against intercontinental adversaries, ensuring a high level of national security. The use of kinetic kill technology, where the interceptor collides with the incoming missile to destroy it on impact, avoids the complications associated with traditional explosive warheads, such as debris and fallout.

This system represents the pinnacle of missile defense technology, emphasizing Israel’s commitment to maintaining cutting-edge capabilities in the face of evolving global threats. The strategic interoperability of Arrow 3 with other elements of Israel’s missile defense, including Arrow 2 and global missile defense systems, solidifies its role as a fundamental component of both national and international defense strategies.

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