Arrow 2: Military Analysis and Full Specifications

Arrow 2 is part of Israel’s tiered missile defense strategy, designed to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles at high altitudes. Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries in collaboration with Boeing, Arrow 2 has been an integral component of Israel’s national defense since its deployment in 2000. It is specifically engineered to destroy incoming threats in the upper atmosphere, preventing them from reaching their targets on the ground.

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: Classified; effective against medium-range ballistic missiles
  • Interceptor: Arrow 2 interceptor equipped with a high-explosive warhead
  • Radar System: “Green Pine” radar system, an active electronically scanned array that can detect and track incoming missiles at long ranges
  • Operational Altitude: High altitude, designed to intercept targets outside the earth’s atmosphere
  • Response Time: Quick response capabilities to engage threats rapidly
  • Launch Units: Each battery includes multiple launchers, each capable of holding up to six interceptors
  • Deployment: Ground-based and fixed-site deployment, with considerations for mobility in future upgrades

Military Analysis: Arrow 2 serves as a critical element of Israel’s layered defense system, specifically targeting medium-range ballistic missiles that pose a threat from neighboring regions. By engaging missiles at high altitudes, Arrow 2 not only neutralizes threats before they can cause damage but also minimizes debris fallout on populated areas, enhancing civilian safety. Its integration with advanced radar systems allows for early detection and precise tracking, critical for the successful interception of ballistic threats.

The strategic deployment of Arrow 2 batteries is designed to create an overlapping coverage area that ensures redundancy and enhances the probability of interception. The system’s ability to work in conjunction with both Arrow 3 and other international missile defense systems also bolsters regional and global defense architectures, providing a robust response against evolving missile threats.

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