– 7.8 magnitude quake in country\’s south

– Felt as far as Israel, Iraq, Egypt and Cyprus

– Over 600 people dead in Turkey and Syria, fears toll could rise into thousands

– 1710 buildings destroyed in Turkey

– Turkey calls for international assistance

The Syrian Observatory: massive destruction in Salah al-Din neighborhood in Aleppo as a result of the earthquake

The Syrian Observatory: about 250 people have been killed in the earthquake so far in the areas under the control of the regime

Countries sending aid & support to Türkiye after the massive 7.4 earthquake:




















Turkish Minister of Health: Our land and air ambulance teams are working in 81 locations of the areas affected by the earthquake

Latest on magnitude 7.7 earthquake in Turkey:

912 killed.

5.385 wounded.

2.470 rescued.

2.818 buildings destroyed.

NATO, EU & 45 other countries offered help.

A new earthquake of magnitude 7.5 has struck southern Turkey


European Union sends teams from Netherlands and Romania to assist in Turkey earthquake rescue effort

Erdogan says Turkey\’s military has deployed to assist in rescue effort in quake-affected areas

Greek Foreign Minister: I called my Turkish counterpart and expressed our readiness to provide immediate assistance in the rescue effort

Hatay – Turkey


Earthquake victims:

As of 2:40 PM Turkish Time :

720 dead in Syria

912 dead in Turkey

3:15 PM: Turkish Emergency and Disaster Management: The death toll from the earthquake rose to 1014

3:40 PM: 2,824 buildings have been destroyed in Turkey after earthquake

Earthquake victims:

As of 3:40 PM Turkish Time :

830 dead in Syria

1014 dead in Turkey

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) are preparing to send a delegation of humanitarian aid to Turkey after the devastating earthquake that occurred there during the night.

The IDF civil defense command is directing preparations for humanitarian mission.


4:03 PM: Ukraine says ready to send \’large group\’ of rescuers to Turkey

Algerian Foreign Ministry: A team of 89 personnel is heading to Turkey‬⁩ to participate in rescue and relief operations

Israel\’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had given the go-ahead to send aid to earthquake-hit Syria, after receiving a request through diplomatic channels as the neighbours have no official relations.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information: conducting an air bridge to Turkey to provide urgent medical aid and crews

The Kremlin: Rescuers from Russia will go to Syria in the coming hours to help after the earthquake

US President: I have directed my team to continue to monitor the situation closely in coordination with ⁧‫Turkey and to provide any assistance needed

5:25 Pm:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

1,121 killed

7,634 injured

2,834 buildings destroyed

5:30 PM:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

1,498 killed

8,533 injured

2,834 buildings destroyed

5:35 Pm:

Earthquake victims update:

🇸🇾900 dead in Syria

🇹🇷1,498 dead in Turkey

Earthquake death toll in Turkey and Syria rises to 2350, over 10,000 injured.

6:35 Pm:

Earthquake victims update:

🇸🇾911 dead in Syria

🇹🇷1,498 dead in Turkey

6:51 PM:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:


9,733 injured

3,472 buildings destroyed

Flames and smoke rising in the Turkish port of Iskenderun


We are working closely with ⁧Turkey‬⁩ and have directed an immediate response from the United States,

Our teams are rapidly deploying to begin supporting Turkish search and rescue efforts and addressing the needs of injured and displaced persons

Senior US officials immediately reached out to their Turkish counterparts to coordinate any assistance needed

Humanitarian partners supported by Washington are responding to relief operations in Syria.

PHOTOS: A joint Israeli humanitarian aid delegation, led by the IDF Home Front Command,

will leave Israel for Turkey to assist in the earthquake-stricken area of the country.

German Foreign Minister: I expressed to my Turkish counterpart our full solidarity, and Turkey will not be alone in facing this catastrophe

Erdogan declares national mourning in the country for a period of 7 days after the earthquake disaster

8:40 PM:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

1,651 killed

11,119 injured

3,472 buildings destroyed

The number of destroyed buildings in Turkey earthquake has risen to


A senior Pentagon official:

Military aircraft may contribute to the transfer of American search and rescue teams to ⁧‫Turkey

The US Department of Defense is looking for the best ways to provide assistance to Turkey to deal with the earthquake

The US Secretary of Defense contacted his Turkish counterpart to discuss efforts to deal with the earthquake

Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management: 6,445 people rescued from the rubble

Japan sends rescue teams to Turkey to provide emergency aid after earthquake

The death toll from the earthquake in North Syria rose to 1,073, and the injured to 2,911

10:20 PM:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

1,762 killed

12,068 injured

3,472 buildings destroyed

Earthquake victims:

🇸🇾1143 dead in Syria

🇹🇷1762 dead in Turkey

🚨 Pakistan announces setting up of air bridge to aid Turkey & Syria.

First Pakistan Air Force C-130 to depart tonight, second tomorrow. From tomorrow, Pakistan International Airlines will start daily humanitarian flights to Turkey, carrying 15 tons of humanitarian aid each.


Japanese & Taiwanese search and rescue teams rush to Turkey for earthquake assistance.



Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll passes 3,000

World Health Organization says as many as 20,000 people may have died in Turkey-Syria earthquake

Greek Prime Minister calls Erdogan to provide immediate assistance to Turkey following earthquake

Turkey has so far been able to rescue a total of 6445 people from under the rubble

Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management: The death toll from the earthquake rose to 2,316

11:30 PM:

Latest Update devastating Turkey earthquake:

2,316 killed

13,293 injured

6,217 buildings destroyed

Israeli Defence Minister Galant has authorized the IDF to establish a field hospital in Turkey

Turkish Seismological Authority: A new earthquake struck the southeastern state of Kahramanmaraş Turkey‬⁩ , measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale

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