Mass Shooting in Lewiston, Maine (Develping)

🇺🇸 Lewiston, Maine Mass Shooting:

Developing: A vehicle of interest in connection with the Lewiston mass shootings has been found in Lisbon. A search was underway along Rt. 196. Police say they are searching for 40-year-old Robert Card of Bowdoin.


  • At least 3 scenes in Lewiston
  • Restaurant and bowling alley
  • Up to 22 killed, dozens injured
  • Suspect remains at large
  • Armed with long gun
  • Citywide shelter in place
  • No word on a motive
  • See the suspect? Call 911

Officials have sent out an emergency alert for the public to seek shelter due to an active shooter. Police have identified the suspect, who remains at large. At least 22 people have been killed and dozens (50-60) injured across multiple locations, including a bowling alley and a restaurant.

🇺🇸 Suspect Profile: The suspected shooter, Robert Card, has a criminal history that includes an arrest for child pornography. He is also a registered sex offender and therefore legally not allowed to possess a firearm.

🇺🇸 Vehicle Identification: Lewiston police scanner reports indicate the suspect may be driving a 2013 Subaru Outback with a Maine license plate number 9246PD. The vehicle may have been spotted at a boat launch in Lisbon, Maine.

🇺🇸 Federal Involvement: FBI Boston has released a statement regarding the shootings. New Hampshire State Police and other federal agencies are assisting in Maine.

🇺🇸 More Details on Suspect: Robert Card is a trained firearms instructor in the U.S. Army reserve and was recently released from a mental health facility.

NEW: White House says Pres. Biden has been briefed on the shootings in Maine; FBI urges public to ‘remain vigilant’ |

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