Critical Updates: Day 20 of Ongoing Middle East Conflict

October 26, 2023 – War | Day 20 of #Israel – #Gaza #War 

Critical Updates: Day 20 of Ongoing Middle East Conflict:

End of day 2o

Hezbollah has announced the Death of another one of their Fighters as a result of Clashes with the IDF in Southern Lebanon; the Death of Taha Hussein-Taha brings the Total Death Toll of the Terrorist Group to at least 45 since October 7th.

The European Union has not fulfilled its plan to supply Ukraine with the promised million artillery ammunition.

🇮🇷 Hamas Hostages: Hamas is reportedly prepared to transfer all civilian hostages in the Gaza Strip to Iran. (#MiddleEast)

🇮🇱 Israeli Responsibility: Israeli “Channel 12” cites Netanyahu’s office blaming the failure of the October 7th Hamas attack on IDF staff leaders and others opposed to them. (#Israel)

🇺🇸 U.S. Troops: 900 U.S. troops are being deployed or are already in the Middle East from continental U.S., including air defense operators. (Pentagon, #MiddleEast)

🇺🇸 U.S. Troops Attacked: U.S. troops were attacked at least 12 times in Iraq and 4 times in Syria in the past week by Iran-affiliated groups, according to the Pentagon.

🇮🇶 Erbil Attack: The Pentagon reports an unsuccessful attack today at Erbil in Iraq.

Global Tensions: Israel’s Escalating Situation

– Israel has commenced ground operations in the Gaza Strip targeting Hamas cells and infrastructure. The situation has drawn criticisms from Turkey and Iran, both decrying Israel’s actions as beyond self-defense.

– Rumors are circulating that Hamas leaders may be considering exiting Gaza for refuge in Lebanon or Turkey.

U.S. National News: Biden’s Economic and Social Stances

– President Biden stated that the U.S. economy continues to grow even as inflation decreases. He urged Republicans not to risk a government shutdown.

– Following a mass shooting in Maine, Biden called on lawmakers to enact universal background checks and ban high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

 International Commentary: Reactions from Global Leaders

– Erdogan of Turkey criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza as ‘oppression and brutality.’

– Iran’s Foreign Minister warned the U.S. over its military and financial support to Israel and suggested that Hamas is ready to release civilian prisoners.

Security Concerns: U.S. Military Deployment

– 900 troops are being deployed to the Middle East from the continental United States, including air defense operators. 

– An attack has been reported on a base housing U.S. troops in northern Iraq.

Israeli Artillery has been Shelling the Border Region with Southern Lebanon for several hours now with multiple Fires seen Burning near the Towns of Al-Laboneh and Al-Naqoura.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has claimed Responsibility for an Attack tonight utilizing 2 “Kamikaze” Drones against U.S. Forces at Al-Harir Air Base in the Erbil Region of Northern Iraq, with both of the Drones claimed to have Impacted the Base.

The Foreign Minister of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian stated today that Hamas is prepared to Release all roughly 250 Hostages which are being Held in the Gaza Strip to the Iranian Government in Tehran, but only if 6,000 Hamas and PIJ “Fighters” are Released from Prisons across Israel.

The Russian foreign ministry says a Hamas delegation, led by a senior member of the Palestinian militant group’s politburo, is in Moscow. No details on what exactly they are doing or who they are meeting with.

🇮🇱 IDF Ground Raid in Gaza: In a significant escalation, the Israeli Defense Forces conducted an extensive ground operation inside the Gaza Strip tonight. Unlike previous operations in recent weeks, this raid involved both infantry and armored forces and was more expansive in scope and depth within Gaza.

🎯 Objective: The mission aimed to target Hamas installations from within the Strip and to bolster defenses. This marks a step up from the raids carried out in the last two weeks in the area.

🇯🇵 Japan has called for a temporary suspension of fighting to allow delivery of more humanitarian assistance to Gaza

— 🇮🇱/🇵🇸/🇱🇧/🇸🇾 19th day of the war, October 25th, status update and major events:

– Airstrikes on Gaza. Still a huge lack of food, water, medicine and electricity. The healthcare sector in Gaza is non-existent at this point.

– Netanyahu gave a speech, officially announcing that a ground offensive into Gaza will happen, and that the date for the invasion has been set.

– Hamas used long range rockets and one of them hit Rishon LeZion. Small sporadic rocket attacks on Tel Aviv as well. 

– Hezbollah carried out attacks against IDF targets across the border in Hanita, Al-Bahri and Avivim using ATGMs. At least one Merkava was destroyed. Today’s activity on the northern front was very limited once again.

– The amount of officially announced Hezbollah martyrs has risen to 44.

– As a response to Hezbollah attacks, the IDF carried out artillery shellings and drone strikes on Hezbollah positions in South Lebanon, but once again much less than previous days.

– The Islamic Resistance in Iraq carried out an attack on the U.S. occupation base in Kharab Al-Jir in Syria.

– An Israeli UAV crashed in Ma’alot Tarshiha. Cause currently unknown, although a Hezbollah surface-to-air missile was fired at an IAF drone earlier in the evening.

– The Iranian Foreign Minister arrived in New York for what was described as ‘urgent international consultations’ regarding Gaza and the possibility of wider escalation in the region.

Full day 19 reports:

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