News Alert: High-Ranking Iranian Generals Killed in Damascus Missile Attack

Damascus, April 1, 2024 – In a statement released by the public relations arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, it was confirmed that Generals Mohammad Reza Zahidi and Mohammad Hadi Haj Rahimi, along with five other officers, were killed in a missile attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. The strike, attributed to Israeli forces, comes amidst escalating tensions in the region.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards labeled the attack a “new crime” by Israel, occurring amid what Iran describes as “heavy defeats” of Israeli forces by Palestinian resistance and the resilience of the Islamic Resistance Front fighters. The casualties include high-profile military advisors and commanders known for their roles in Syria and their significant contributions to the Islamic Resistance.

The fallen officers, honored as martyrs, are:

• Hussein Aman Allah

• Mahdi Jalalati

• Mohsen Sadaqat

• Ali Agha Babai

• Sayed Ali Salehi Rozbehani

The incident marks a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict, with potential ramifications for regional stability and international diplomatic relations. Further updates will be provided as the situation develops.

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