US Airstrikes Targeting IRGC Facilities in Eastern Syria

🇺🇸 US Airstrikes Targeting IRGC Facilities in Eastern Syria

• Senior U.S. Defense Officials confirm that two airstrikes near the city of Al-Bukamal in Eastern Syria were executed by 2 F-16 “Fighting Falcons” of the U.S. Air Force.
• The targeted locations were identified as a Weapons Storage Facility and an Ammunition Storage Facility, both used by the IRGC and Iranian-backed groups.
• The information regarding casualties or the presence of Iranians at the facilities during the strike remains undisclosed.
• Despite potential Iranian interpretations linking these strikes to the war in Israel, U.S. officials have emphasized that these actions are separate responses, conducted without any coordination from the Israeli government.



  • Iran is responsible for attacks launched by groups linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
  • Iranian fingerprints are all over these attacks
  • The two targeted facilities are important and the ability of the Revolutionary Guard and militias to continue launching attacks will be affected.
  • The IRGC has directed these proxy groups to attack US forces
  • We launched strikes on two facilities in Albukamal, eastern Syria, used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and groups linked to it.
  • F-16 planes bombed two weapons and ammunition storage facilities in eastern Syria
  • We do not know if there are Iranian members of the Revolutionary Guard in the two targeted facilities in eastern Syria
  • We did not coordinate with Israel before launching our raids in Syria (This is a very unusual statement, waiting for the press

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