Turkey/Syria Earthquake updates – Day 4

Updated casualty figures:


12,391 dead, 62,914 injured


3,486 dead, 5,247 injured


15,877 dead, 68,161 injured

Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management: An aftershock measuring 4 degrees on the Richter scale in the Kahramanmarash region, in the south of the country

Turkish Earthquake Research Institute: 4.1 aftershock on the Richter scale in Malatya, south of the country

Updated casualty figures:


14,451 dead, 63,794 injured

Turkish Vice President: 113 thousand people work in the affected areas in all fields

Turkish Vice President: More than 1,300 aftershocks have occurred so far after the earthquake

Turkish Minister of Justice: Volunteer teams in Diyarbakir managed to save 38 people

Deputy Director of the Syrian Civil Defense to Al-Jazeera: The death rate of those trapped under the rubble has accelerated, and this is a dangerous indicator

Taiwan President & Vice President donated their monthly salaries to Turkey

Portugal sends a plane with 52 rescue workers (earthquake SAR specialists, paramedics, and national guards) and 13 tons of aid to Turkey.


India completes setting up a field hospital in Turkey’s Iskenderun


Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) field hospital delegation arrives in Turkey


15 x Israeli Air Force planes departed for Turkey today along with 230-men search & rescue team and medical personnel.






Japan dispatches 55-men 2nd search & rescue team to Turkey.

Turkish President:

  • The number of wounded is 64,194, and the number of collapsed buildings is 6,444

  • After removing the rubble, the process of rebuilding what was destroyed by the earthquake will begin

  • The death toll from the earthquake has risen to 16,170

Royal Netherlands Air Force’s “flying ambulance” (C-130) heading to Turkey tomorrow.


Russia completes setting up a field hospital in Turkey’s Kahramanmaraş.


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