Live Stream Captures Shocking Attack on Priest at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney Suburb

⚠️ Warning: Graphic Content

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — On April 15, 2024, a disturbing incident unfolded at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney, Australia. Reports indicate that during a church service, an assailant attempted to attack H.G Mar Mari Emmanuel, a prominent Australian-Assyrian Nestorian Bishop known for his eloquent sermons and staunch social conservatism.

Viewer discretion is advised. The following video contains graphic content and may be distressing to some viewers. Please proceed with caution.

Witnesses recount that the assailant, identified as an Islamist militant according to local sources, made multiple attempts to stab Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel while he was delivering his sermon inside the church.

Fortunately, parishioners swiftly intervened, detaining the attacker before further harm could be inflicted. Despite sustaining injuries in the attack, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is reportedly in stable condition, receiving medical attention for his injuries.

The incident has sparked concerns about the safety of religious gatherings and the rise of extremist violence in the region. Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the attack to apprehend those responsible and ensure the safety of the community.

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