Russian Casualty Report: Day 741 of the Invasion of Ukraine

As of March 5, 2024, marking day 741 of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Russian military continues to face significant losses on Ukrainian soil. This report, based on the latest summary from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, provides an in-depth overview of these losses.

Detailed Losses as of Day 741

Personnel: Approximately 419,020 Russian troops have been reported as casualties, an increase of 1,070 from the previous report.

Armored Combat Vehicles:

• Tanks: Total of 6,657 units, an increase of 9.

• Armored Personnel Vehicles (APVs): 12,688 units, with 28 additional losses.

• Artillery Systems: 10,258 units, 48 more since the last report.

• Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS): 1,007 units, an increase of 3.

• Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems: 698 units, an increase of 2.

Aircraft and Aerial Assets:

• Aircraft: 347 units, no additional losses.

• Helicopters: 325 units, unchanged.

• UAVs (Operational-Tactical Level): 7,863 units, an increase of 18.

• Cruise Missiles: 1,917 units, an increase of 1.

Naval Losses:

• Boats/Warships: 25 units, no change.

• Submarines: 1 unit, steady count.

Other Equipment:

• Special Equipment: 1,630 units, with an increase of 9.

• Vehicles and Fuel Tanks: 13,423 units, 49 more than the previous day.


The data from day 741 of the conflict underscores the ongoing and substantial losses sustained by the Russian military in terms of personnel and various types of military equipment. These figures highlight the persistent intensity and the significant toll of the conflict on Russian forces.

As the conflict extends well into its third year, the sustained and extensive losses experienced by Russian forces highlight the prolonged and severe nature of this military engagement. The high number of casualties and equipment losses indicate the enduring intensity and impact of the conflict.

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