Russian Su-34s Guarded by Car Tires: A Masterclass in Questionable Military Ingenuity

Russia, the second most powerful military in the world, has introduced a decidedly avant-garde approach to aerial defense: placing car tires atop its Su-34 fighter jets. While it’s an absolute masterclass in, let’s say, resourcefulness, this practice raises more questions than it answers.

Russian SU-34 with car tires on top (ANTI-UAV)
The Objective, or Lack Thereof

In theory, the tires act as a shield against kamikaze drone strikes. In practice, it’s akin to bringing a rubber knife to a gunfight. One has to wonder about the tactical brilliance—or the lack thereof—behind such a move.

Operational Concerns

The most palpable consequence of this automotive innovation is the additional time needed to make each Su-34 mission-ready. One can only imagine the tension in the command center as they wait for the tires to be meticulously positioned.

Questionable Efficacy

Experts remain skeptical of the tires’ ability to counter UAVs designed for precision attacks. The tires may indeed serve as an obstacle, but more in the vein of a fire hazard than an effective defense mechanism.

Global Implications

Should this become standard procedure in Russia, it may influence other countries to also abandon conventional wisdom. After all, why invest in sophisticated countermeasures when you have a surplus of car tires?


Russia’s innovative use of car tires as makeshift anti-UAV measures on Su-34s is, if nothing else, a head-turner. While the practice could be lauded for its sheer audacity, it is fraught with operational inefficiencies and appears unlikely to deter advanced drone attacks. As this practice becomes more widespread across Russian air bases, one can’t help but question the trajectory of military ingenuity in the 21st century.

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