President Biden Warsaw Speech

Biden: If Russia stopped invading Ukraine, that would end the war. If Ukraine would stop fighting, that would be the end of Ukraine.


Biden: Poland is a great ally of the United States of America

I came from Kiev and I saw it steadfast, strong

All allies must remain strong over what is happening in Ukraine

We will defend democracy and the right of people to live freely in Ukraine

When Putin ordered his forces to invade Kiev a year ago, he thought we would stand idly by, but he misunderstood


Biden: Putin thought he could use a divide-and-rule policy with NATO allies

Biden: Putin faced shocking facts during a year of his war on Ukraine

Biden: After a year, Putin no longer has illusions about the strength and unity of NATO

Biden: Our support for Ukraine will remain firm and democracy will inevitably triumph

BIDEN: We can never tolerate tyrannical rulers

BIDEN: The past year has witnessed exceptional brutality on the part of Russian forces and mercenaries in Ukraine

Biden: Russia committed heinous massacres against civilians in Ukraine and its forces resorted to the weapon of rape

Biden: 143 member states of the United Nations condemned the illegal annexation of lands by Russia

Biden: War is not a necessity, but rather a tragedy, and Putin can stop the war with one word

Biden: The United States and the rest of the allies provided support, weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

BIDEN: The Poles were generous when they opened their homes to Ukrainians fleeing the war

Biden: Our commitment to the Ukrainian people and to Ukraine\’s sovereignty is unwavering

Biden: Millions of Europeans have risen to support the Ukrainians

Biden: The Poles set a great example in embracing Ukrainian refugees

Biden: Defending democracy requires a lot of effort and time, but we will definitely win

Biden: We will celebrate in Washington, a year later, the 75th anniversary of the founding of the most powerful alliance in the world, which is NATO

Biden: An attack on any NATO member country is an attack on all other members of the alliance

Biden: The world is facing a defining moment, and what we are doing now is ensuring that our grandchildren live in freedom

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