Nvidia Unveils Groundbreaking AI Chips: A New Era Begins

Date: March 18, 2024

News Category: Technology Insights

Country: United States

Location: San Jose, California

The Blackwell B200 GPU.
 Image: Nvidia

Nvidia has once again made headlines with its announcement of a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) chips and software, aimed at propelling the capabilities of AI models to unprecedented levels. This development, revealed at Nvidia’s developer conference in San Jose, underscores the company’s ambition to cement its status as the primary supplier for AI enterprises. With Nvidia’s share price and sales surging since the advent of the AI boom initiated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the stakes for innovation in AI chip technology have never been higher. The introduction of the Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 “superchip” signifies a leap forward in AI processing power and efficiency, promising to reshape the technological landscape.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang holds up his new GPU on the left, next to an H100 on the right, from the GTC livestream.
 Image: Nvidia

Global Impact of Nvidia’s Innovation:

  • Nvidia’s strategic move to unveil the Blackwell B200 GPU and the GB200 superchip comes at a time when demand for powerful AI processing capabilities is skyrocketing. These advancements not only solidify Nvidia’s position in the AI sector but also have far-reaching implications for global technology standards.

Here’s what one GB200 looks like. Two GPUs, one CPU, one board.
 Image: Nvidia

The Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 Superchip:

  • The Blackwell B200 GPU emerges as a powerhouse with 20 petaflops of FP4 horsepower, driven by 208 billion transistors. Its companion, the GB200 superchip, which combines two B200 GPUs with a Grace CPU, is heralded for its ability to deliver 30 times the performance for large language model (LLM) inference workloads, while drastically reducing cost and energy consumption by up to 25 times compared to its predecessor, the H100.

Efficiency and Network Innovation:

  • A notable innovation is the second-generation transformer engine, doubling compute, bandwidth, and model size efficiency by utilizing four bits per neuron. Additionally, Nvidia introduces a next-gen NVLink switch enabling unprecedented inter-GPU communication speeds, essential for scaling AI model training and inference processes.

The GB200 NVL72. 
Image: Nvidia

Historical Insight:

  • The progression of Nvidia’s technology, from the initial introduction of GPUs to the current development of the Blackwell B200 and GB200 superchips, showcases a timeline marked by relentless pursuit of higher efficiency, speed, and lower energy consumption in AI computing. The company’s evolution reflects significant milestones in AI technology, from early-stage GPUs to the cutting-edge Blackwell architecture.


Nvidia’s latest announcement is not just a testament to its dominance in the AI chip market but also a glimpse into the future of AI technology. With the Blackwell B200 GPU and GB200 superchip, Nvidia promises to deliver unprecedented efficiency and power, potentially transforming the landscape of AI computing. As companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle queue up to integrate these innovations into their cloud services, the implications for AI development and deployment are profound. This pivotal moment marks a new chapter in AI’s evolution, with Nvidia leading the charge towards a more efficient, powerful, and sustainable AI future.

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