North Korea Simulates Nuclear Counterattack in New Missile Test

Country: North Korea

Location: Pyongyang

North Korea has escalated its military demonstrations by conducting a simulation of a nuclear counterattack, as reported by the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Tuesday. This recent maneuver involved the firing of several short-range ballistic missiles, corroborated by military reports from Seoul and Tokyo. The drill was personally overseen by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, who expressed satisfaction with the tactical execution, which accurately struck a designated insular target over 352 kilometers away. This event is part of a series of aggressive military tests conducted by Pyongyang, which have intensified regional tensions and drawn international scrutiny.

  • Global Conflicts/Military Analysis
    • Details of the Missile Launch
      • The missile exercise involved super-large multiple rocket launch systems, hitting an “island target” at a significant distance. Such tests are indicative of North Korea’s strategic focus on enhancing its long-range offensive capabilities.
    • International Reactions
      • The international community, including South Korea and Japan, has labeled the missile launches as provocations. Notably, the missiles traveled approximately 300 kilometers before landing in the eastern waters of the Korean Peninsula.
    • Implications of the UN Security Council’s Inaction
      • Following a veto by Russia in March, the UN Security Council’s ability to monitor North Korea’s sanctions violations has been markedly reduced. This veto is part of Moscow’s broader strategy to tighten military cooperation with Pyongyang, potentially influencing the conflict dynamics in Ukraine.
    • North Korea’s Military Ambitions and Partnerships
      • Recent developments have also seen Pyongyang thank Moscow for its support at the UN, indicating a deepening military and strategic partnership amid ongoing global conflicts.

Historical Insight:

  • 2006: UN sanctions initiated against North Korea for its nuclear tests.
  • 2022: North Korea declares itself an “irreversible” nuclear state.
  • Early April 2024: Tests a new medium-to-long-range solid-fuel hypersonic missile.
  • Recent Weeks: Record number of missile tests, including a “super-large warhead” for a strategic cruise missile.

The official statement:

(Chosun Central News Agency from April 23 in Pyongyang)

The training to operate the super-large radial artillery units, which will play an important role in effectively strengthening the rapid counterattack ability of the national nuclear force and enhancing the war deterrence, in the “nuclear trigger” system, a comprehensive national nuclear weapons management system, was conducted for the first time on April 22.

The training was based on the reliability and excellence of our nuclear force, the demonstration of power and various means, and the mass strengthening of nuclear force, and the military commotion of the enemies against our Republic was carried out at a time when it was carried out with an extremely provocative and invasive nature than ever before, so it became a clear warning signal to the enemy.

From April 12th, the United States and the Korean puppet army commanders, who have attracted about 100 various military aircraft to the Gunsan Air Force Base in the Republic of Korea and opened up the “Comprehensive Training of the Union Division”, have completely taken off the pre-defense” and “suppression” about the exercises of the previous period, and openly talk about “Advance” to our Republic, and they are insiting an average of 100 departures a day, insciting the extreme heat of war.

This U.S. military provocation, which is frequently attracting nuclear strategic assets to the surrounding areas of our country and rallying its followers to conduct war practices, is not enough to advertise and correct us, will continue until the 26th.

On April 18, special forces from the United States and South Korea quickly infiltrated any area and released a joint air penetration exercise aimed at “eliminating the target”.

The overlookable reality that our country’s safety environment is being severely threatened by the constant military provocation of hostile forces trying to crush our republic with “power” desperately requires us to more overwhelmingly and accelerate the most powerful military power that can actively control the situation for the safety of the country and regional peace.

Comrade Kim Jong-un, the general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, guided the nuclear counterattack virtual comprehensive tactical training in which super-large-type artillery participate.

Comrade Kim Jeong-sik, deputy head of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, was accompanied, and Comrade Jang Chang-ha, president of Misail of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, led the training.

The nuclear counter-attack virtual comprehensive tactical training was conducted in the order of practical training and the nuclear counterattack command system to master the process of implementing the troops to the nuclear counterattack state when the “Vulcano Warning” system, which is the country’s largest nuclear crisis warning, and to master the division of the nuclear counterattack mission, and to fire super-large radial shells equipped with a nuclear mock battle force.

Through the training, we multi-faceted re-examination of the belief in the command and management and control management system of the entire nuclear force, and mastered the order of behavior and combat methods to quickly move the super-large radial artillery units to nuclear counterattack.

The fire attack company elected from the joint unit participated in the training, and for the first time, the related units, division commanders, and soldiers attended the training and Japanese shooting training that covered the “nuclear trigger” system.

The super-large bombarders, which poured out a solid sense of anti-adversary consciousness and a thorough main view and annihilation fires at once, powerfully showed off their unrivaled power and perfect real posture, and hit the island goal with a range of 352 km.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un expressed his great satisfaction with the training results and said that it was as if he had seen a sniper rifle fire against the high accuracy of the super-large bombarders, and that the world’s strongest tactical nuclear attack vehicles boasting the power to be processed are being strictly prepared to be faithfully mobilized for their strategic mission in a rapid and thorough counterattack.

At the same time, he satisfactorily evaluated that the party center’s nuclear force construction idea of expanding the operational space and realizing multiplexing of tactical nuclear attacks by conducting a successful nuclear counterattack virtual tactical training with the introduction of super-large radial artillery.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un continued to complete the warfare and operations in the direction of constantly increasing the pivotal role of nuclear force in all aspects of war suppression strategy and war performance strategy, and emphasized the completion of the light combat readiness of nuclear force, and revealed the principled problems that should be used as a guide in the struggle administration for strengthening the Republic’s strategic nuclear force.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un said that through this comprehensive tactical training, the power and utility of our nuclear combat force, which has been brought into super-large radial guns, has increased incomparably, and all the divisions have been filled with great confidence. He said that our nuclear force has been an important opportunity to thoroughly prepare so that we can carry out the important mission of suppressing war and winning the war-led right to carry out quickly and accurately at any point of view and under the circumstances of injustice.

Our nuclear force will maintain a limeous posture with more advanced capabilities, and will restrain and keep an eye on the enemy’s jundong and provocation, and if the enemy wants to pray for the use of force, it will carry out a major mission without hesitation.( End)

The recent missile launch by North Korea not only reaffirms its commitment to expanding its military capabilities but also highlights the strategic use of such capabilities for diplomatic leverage and regional intimidation. This event underlines the persistent volatility in the Korean Peninsula and poses a challenge to international peace efforts. As the situation unfolds, the international community must address the escalating tensions and the broader implications of North Korea’s military advancements. What strategies can be employed to mitigate this burgeoning threat while ensuring regional stability?

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