NATO Tests Drone-Launched Torpedoes in Portugal: The T-600 Heavy Drone Unveiled

📍 Location: Portugal, NATO Exercise REPMUS

As drone technology continues to make strides, BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics have showcased the T-600 heavy drone during the NATO exercise REPMUS in Portugal. The drone successfully launched an inert version of the Sting Ray anti-submarine torpedo for the first time, marking a significant step in drone capabilities.

Key Highlights:

• Tech Development: The T-600 drone is designed primarily for technology development, testing, and demonstration purposes.
• Impressive Specs: With a payload capacity of up to 200 kg, the T-600 can reach speeds up to 140 km/h and has a flight range of 80 km depending on the load.
• First Launch: The T-600 successfully launched an inert version of the Sting Ray anti-submarine torpedo, showcasing its advanced capabilities.


The successful test of the T-600’s ability to launch torpedoes adds another layer to the evolving landscape of military drones. This development may signal the ushering in of a new era where drones can perform even more complex and specialized tasks beyond surveillance and targeted strikes.

What’s Next:

Further tests and demonstrations are likely to follow, as NATO, BAE Systems, and Malloy Aeronautics continue to explore the potential applications and limitations of this technology.

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