Assassination in Alexandria: Jewish Businessman with Triple Citizenship Killed

Alexandria, Egypt, May 8, 2024 – A Jewish businessman holding Israeli, Ukrainian, and Canadian citizenships was shot and killed in Alexandria today, prompting significant discussion on Arab telegram channels and social media platforms. The incident involved an assailant using a Heckler & Koch P9 semi-automatic pistol and occurred in a public area during daylight hours.

The deceased was the CEO of a prominent Egyptian enterprise that exports frozen fruits and vegetables. The aftermath of the shooting has raised questions about the security of foreign business figures in the region amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions. A circulating text image on Arab-speaking social media, stating “Shalom from Gazan children,” reflects the political dimensions of this incident.

The militant group “Vanguards of Liberation – Group of the Martyr Mohamed Salah” has claimed responsibility for the shooting. They allege that the businessman was involved with Mossad and used his business activities as a cover for intelligence operations in Egypt.

Warning: Graphic Content

This video contains graphic scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

The group is named after Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian policeman noted for his involvement in a June 2023 incident where he killed three IDF soldiers, adding layers to the historical complexities between Egypt and Israel.

This shooting coincides with recent events where Egyptian police were attacked, resulting in the deaths of two Israeli tourists and their Egyptian guide, further straining the regional relations. The response from Egyptian and international authorities is awaited as they deal with the implications of this incident for the safety of international business operations in Egypt.

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