Iranian Foreign Ministry on US Troops’ Drone Attack in Jordan

🇮🇷 Statements from Iranian Foreign Ministry:

USA / Iran Flags

Emphasis on Regional Peace: Iran emphasizes the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Denial of Accusations: The Foreign Ministry labels accusations against Iran as baseless, suggesting they are part of a conspiracy to involve America in regional conflicts.

Denial of Involvement in Recent Attack: Tehran denies any involvement in the recent attack, calling such accusations false.

Independence of Resistance Forces: The Ministry asserts that resistance forces in the region operate independently and are not under Tehran’s command, acting solely to defend the Palestinian people.

Support for Ceasefire in Gaza: Iran expresses support for the ceasefire in Gaza, viewing it as a step towards restoring calm in the region.

🇮🇷 Iranian Foreign Ministry on Gaza Conflict: The Iranian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the escalation of conflict, warning about the dangers posed by the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. They have repeatedly emphasized the risk of broadening the conflict in the region due to these continued hostilities.

🇮🇷 Iranian Foreign Ministry on U.S. Actions: The Iranian Foreign Ministry has criticized America for violating Iraqi and Syrian sovereignty and for its attacks in Yemen. They state that these actions by the U.S. have worsened the state of instability in the region.

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