First photos of Polish FA-50s

Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) has published the first photos of the KAI FA-50 light fighters , destined for the Polish Air Force . Poland has signed a huge $5.8 billion military contract with South Korea that includes 48 South Korean FA-50 fighter jets.


It is reported that 12 of the 48 ordered FA-50s will be delivered to Poland as early as August this year. It is assumed that the aircraft will replace the former Soviet MiG-29 and Su-22M4K. Poland will receive 12 FA-50(GF) Block 10s and 36 FA-50PL Block 20s. Deliveries will begin with the FA-50GF (Gap Filler – \”Gap Filler\”) version, which is designed, judging by the name, to \”fill in the gaps\” in the Polish Air Force and, it seems, to replace obsolete equipment. The FA-50GF fighters were previously intended for the Korean Air Force, but will be delivered to Poland and modified to customer requirements. FA-50PL fighters will receive AFAR radar, aerial refueling capability, 300 gallon external fuel tank, HMD, improved avionics, Sniper ATP sighting system (AN/AAQ-33) and the ability to use various weapons such as AIM-9X and GBU -12. Delivery of the FA-50PL version is expected to begin in November 2025 and take three years. Ultimately, a service center will be created in Poland, and the entire FA-50 fleet will be unified according to the FA-50PL standard.








The published photographs show the FA-50GF tail number 5002 and the 9th FA-50GF being tested at the KAI plant. It is reported that the first Polish FA-50GF is currently undergoing flight tests.

At the end of February of this year, the first group of Polish pilots arrived in South Korea to begin training, which will take 23 weeks. They will spend that time with the 1st Fighter Wing in Gwangju, 329 kilometers south of Seoul, training the T-50 Golden Eagle and TA-50.

Photo © KAI

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