579 Days of Russia-Ukraine War: Analyzing the Steady Surge in Russian Losses


As the Russia-Ukraine conflict stretches into its 579th day, the repercussions for the Russian military are proving to be increasingly severe. This report evaluates the most recent data released by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to assess the toll of the conflict on Russian forces.

Rise in Personnel Losses

The updated figures indicate that as of September 25, 2023, the number of Russian troops eliminated on Ukrainian territory stands at 276,270, marking an increase of 420 since the last update.

Tanks and Armored Vehicles: Ongoing Attrition

  • Tanks: Now at 4,667 units, increased by 5 since the previous report.
  • Armored Personnel Vehicles (APV): Totaling 8,927 units, with 13 new losses.

Artillery and Rocket Systems

  • Artillery Systems: 6,260 units, marking an addition of 27 units.
  • Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS): 791 units, a slight increase of 2 units.

Anti-Aircraft Systems and Unchanged Categories

  • Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems: 533 units, an increment of 2.
  • Categories with no new losses: Aircraft, Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, Boats/Warships, and Submarines.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Other Equipment

  • UAVs at the Operational-Tactical Level: Now at 4,895 units, increased by 7.
  • Special Equipment: 918 units, with 4 new additions.
  • Vehicles and Fuel Tanks: 8,746 units, marking an increase of 12 units.


The 579 days of the Russia-Ukraine war have had a profound impact on Russian military assets and personnel. With both sides showing no signs of backing down, the losses are expected to continue to mount.

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