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Day 379 of Russian Invasion of Ukrainian

On the night of March 9, Russian troops carried out a massive shelling of the territory of Ukraine with the help of missiles and drones.

(Operational Armed Forces)

The sounds of explosions rang out:

– Odessa;

– Odesa region;

– Mykolaiv region;

– Dnipropetrovsk;

– Dnipropetrovsk region;

– Zhytomyr region;

– Kharkiv;

– Kharkiv region;

– Vinnytsia region;

– Lviv region;

– Zaporizhzhia region;

– Kyiv;

– Kyiv region;

– Ivano-Frankivsk region;

– Ternopil region;

– Poltava region;

– Khmelnytskyi region;

– Volyn region;

– Chernihiv region;

– Kirovohrad region;

– Sumy region.

⚡️Emergency power outages occurred in:

– Kharkiv;

– Kharkiv region;

– Odessa;

– Odesa region;

– Lviv;

– Lviv region;

– Dnipro

– Kyiv.


Ukrainian nuclear plant without power after Russian strike: operator

9:22 Am:

Kyiv. The situation as of now:

💡Emergency power outages currently prevent 40% of Kyiv consumers from being provided with heating.

💧Also, due to the lack of electricity on the upper floors of high-rise buildings in the city, there may be low water pressure in the water supply network.

📍All necessary services are working to restore the stable operation of Kyiv\’s infrastructure.

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