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The “Battle of Bakhmut” stalled amid conflict over losses

Day 383 of the Russian Attack on Ukraine


Kyiv announced that more than a hundred Russian attacks had been repulsed… and today’s meeting is to discuss the extension of the grain agreement. While the “Battle of Bakhmut” in eastern Ukraine stalled, each side continued to inflict heavy losses among its opponents.


Yesterday, Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that its forces are continuing their operations in Donetsk, killing more than 220 Ukrainian soldiers, in addition to destroying an infantry vehicle, three armored vehicles, seven vehicles, and a howitzer during the past 24 hours.


On the other hand, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Oleksandr Sersky, said yesterday that his forces are defending Bakhmut with the aim of “gaining time” before launching a counterattack against the advancing Russian forces. Yesterday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian forces stated that its forces repelled more than a hundred Russian attacks in five directions, adding that the Russians launched 12 air strikes and 5 missile strikes, two of them on the city of Zaporizhia, and the S-300 missile system was used to hit a target of the structure. Civilian infrastructure, referring to the destruction of a building, and it was not possible to verify the claims of the two parties from independent sources.


Meanwhile, Turkey preempted a round of talks between Russia and the United Nations to be held in Geneva today, regarding the extension of the Istanbul agreement for the export of grain through the Black Sea, by stressing that Moscow and Kiev agreed to the extension, and that the agreement would be extended before its expiry date on March 18 (March). However, Moscow denied that its representatives had participated, so far, in negotiations to extend the agreement, saying: \”No negotiations took place on this issue, especially with the participation of Russian representatives.\”

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