Russia-Ukraine War: Day 591 In-Depth Analysis

The Russia-Ukraine war has reached its 591st day, with escalating violence and international concerns. This report provides a detailed overview of the situation as of October 7, 2023.

Key Military Developments

Kharkiv Missile Attacks

• A 10-year-old boy and his grandmother were killed in a Russian missile attack on an apartment block in Kharkiv. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy labeled the attack as another act of “Russian terror.”

Hroza Village Tragedy

• The death toll from the missile strike in Hroza village rose to 52. The attack has affected every family in the village, according to Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko.

Russian Airstrikes in Odesa

• Russian airstrikes damaged grain and port infrastructure in the Odesa region.

Diplomatic and Political Developments

International Concerns

• The head of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization expressed concerns over Russia’s nuclear intentions.

Moldova’s Situation

• Moldova’s President Maia Sandu accused Russia’s Wagner paramilitary force of attempting to foment a coup against her.

European Support

• European leaders reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine at the EPC summit in Granada, Spain.

Russia’s UN Ambitions

• Russia is seeking re-election to the UN’s top human rights body, raising concerns about its diplomatic isolation.

US-Russia Diplomatic Tensions

• The US expelled two Russian diplomats in a retaliatory move.

Sweden’s Military Support

• Sweden announced a new military support package for Ukraine worth $199 million.

Updated Casualty Figures

• Russian Personnel: 281,700 (+610)
• Tanks: 4,800 (+23) units
• Armored Personnel Vehicles (APV): 9,102 (+20) units
• Artillery Systems: 6,688 (+22) units
• Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS): 808 (+2) units
• Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems: 541 (+1) units
• Aircraft: 315 (+0) units
• Helicopters: 316 (+0) units
• Operational-Tactical Level UAVs: 5,185 (+27) units
• Cruise Missiles: 1,530 (+0) units
• Boats/Warships: 20 (+0) units
• Submarines: 1 (+0) unit
• Special Equipment: 956 (+5) units
• Vehicles and Fuel Tanks: 9,073 (+58) units


Day 591 of the Russia-Ukraine war witnessed escalating violence and complex international dynamics. The situation remains critical, demanding continued global attention and action.

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