Germany Announces €400 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

#BreakingNews 🇩🇪 Germany Announces €400 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine: What’s in it?

In a significant development, Germany has detailed a new €400 million military aid package that includes an extensive list of munitions and support equipment:

🔹 30,000 155-mm Shells: These high-caliber shells are typically used for howitzers and offer extensive range and impact.

🔹 3,800 155-mm DM125 Smoke Shells: Used to create smoke screens, these are critical for obscuring troop movements.

🔹 105,000 120-mm Ammunition: General-purpose ammunition for tanks and mortars.

🔹 480 M26 (AT2) Missiles: These are anti-tank missiles designed to disable armored vehicles.

🔹 200 MRAP Armored Vehicles: Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles for troop safety.

🔹 Demining Systems: Crucial for safe troop advancement in mined areas.
🔹 Dachs Armored Engineering Vehicles: Used in construction and engineering tasks in combat zones.

🔹 Bergepanzer Support Combat Vehicles: Specialized vehicles designed for field repairs and recovery.

🔹 50 Surface Drones: Unmanned vehicles for reconnaissance and surveillance.

🔹 Winter Clothes, Generators, and Materials for Disposal of Explosive Objects: Miscellaneous but essential support equipment.

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