War Crime Alert: The Disturbing Continuity of Azerbaijani Brutality – An Exclusive Report by RAGE X

The Disturbing Continuity of Azerbaijani Brutality – An Exclusive Report by RAGE X

While the world remains notably silent, RAGE X continues its commitment to unearthing disturbing events that need urgent global attention. Adding to the unsettling accounts of mutilation and beheadings carried out by Azerbaijani soldiers during the 44-day war in 2020, new allegations have surfaced. Azerbaijani soldiers are accused of capturing and executing Armenian soldiers in a time of peace in 2022. This incident, if confirmed, would be a blatant violation of international humanitarian law and is unequivocally classified as a war crime.

A History of Atrocities: The 44-day War

RAGE X has previously documented numerous acts of brutality committed by Azerbaijani forces during the 2020 conflict. From the mutilation of citizens to beheadings, these acts have shown a disturbing trend that challenges the very essence of human rights and international law.

Legal Framework: War Crimes Then and Now

Previous allegations already put Azerbaijan in jeopardy of violating the Geneva Conventions and other international laws. The new allegations of executing Armenian soldiers in a time of peace, if proven, would be a severe transgression, intensifying the nation’s legal and diplomatic liabilities.

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Geopolitical Implications

The potential repercussions of this latest development are immense. If verified, these acts could reignite geopolitical tensions not only between Armenia and Azerbaijan but also draw the focus of international bodies that have thus far remained silent.

Call for Investigation and Accountability

With the international community silent, the responsibility for action falls on independent organizations and investigative bodies. It is imperative that these grave allegations are scrutinized and, if proven, answered for in the appropriate legal forums.

RAGE X continues to bring to light the disturbing continuum of Azerbaijani brutality against Armenian soldiers and citizens alike. These new allegations, falling into an already grim tapestry, require immediate attention, thorough investigation, and potentially, swift justice.

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