582 Days into the Russia-Ukraine War: A Comprehensive Analysis of Russian Casualties

The Russia-Ukraine conflict persists, now marking its 582nd day. As of September 28, 2023, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has released new, vital data indicating the extent of Russian military losses on Ukrainian soil. This report delves into the specifics of these losses across various categories.

Russian Military Losses: By Category


  • Total Russian troops eliminated: 277,320 (+330 from previous day)

Armor and Vehicles

  • Tanks: 4,679 (+4) units
  • Armored Personnel Vehicles (APVs): 8,962 (+12) units

Artillery and Missile Systems

  • Artillery Systems: 6,375 (+38) units
  • Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS): 793 (+1) units

Air Power

  • Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems: 535 (+1) units
  • Aircraft: 315 (unchanged)
  • Helicopters: 316 (unchanged)

Drones and Missiles

  • UAV operational-tactical level: 4,957 (+9) units
  • Cruise Missiles: 1,529 (unchanged)
  • Boats/Warships: 20 (unchanged)
  • Submarines: 1 (unchanged)

Other Equipment

  • Special Equipment: 929 (+2) units
  • Vehicles and Fuel Tanks: 8,815 (+23) units

Historical Context

The latest figures add another layer to the evolving narrative of Russian military losses in Ukraine. While there are specific categories where losses are increasing, there are others that remain unchanged, indicating possible areas of strategic focus or withdrawal.


As the conflict stretches into its 582nd day, Russian military capabilities continue to suffer across multiple dimensions. This data serves as a sobering testament to the prolonged human and material cost of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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